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13 Ways You Know Your Husband Is The Best!

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13 Ways You Know Your Husband Is The Best!

13 Ways You Know Your Husband Is The Best!

Over time, the passion that comes with marriage can fade. However, if you have chosen a good partner, what will be left from that passion will be a united front against the world. Have you chosen well? Below are thirteen signs that you have the best husband ever:

the best husband

1. He puts you before the kids: David Code, a family coach, cautions that focusing too much on parenting and not enough on partnership can damage the bonds of marriage. Putting marriage first will ultimately build a loving environment for the children.

2. He provides more than just financial support: The ideal husband focuses on safety. He will provide a haven for his family- a secure home environment. Psychologist Judith Sills makes this observation when asked what makes a good husband.

3. He has a good relationship with his parents: Studies have shown that a chaotic adolescence is linked to later unhappy marriages. According to a study from the University of Alberta, men who were close to their mothers created more loving environments for their partners.

4. He hasn’t had too many $exual partners: The National Marriage Project reports that men who admitted to more pre-marital $ex partners also reported less satisfaction in their marriages, more than likely because those men are aware of alternative $exual partners.

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5. He didn’t live with you before marriage: The same study also found that partners who lived with their spouses before tying the knot also reported unhappier marriages that those who had not.

7. He has a different point of view than you do: Contrary to popular belief, a good relationship does not mean that two people agree with each other on every little thing. Mudita Rastogi, licensed marriage and family therapist, asserts that having a partner who can offer a different perspective on life can be refreshing and help you see the world in a way you may not have imagined.

8. He could live without you: Romantic movies often portray a couple breathlessly telling each other that they could not survive without each other. Jenifer Hope, LCPC, disagrees. She states that a truly successful couple is made of two people who are able to live apart as well as together, and do not need to depend on each other for happiness.

9. He is able to love unconditionally: Hope also mentions that a good husband is humble, respectful, and forgiving. His love will not falter simply because you have made a mistake.

10. He loves himself: Both Hope and Rastogi agree that a good husband does not completely put his partner’s needs above his own in all circumstances. The issue with always putting others first is that it can lead to emotional burn-out. A good husband knows he needs to take care of his well-being in order to take care of his partner and family.

11. He thinks about your needs: Hope and Rastogi also agree that an amazing husband balances his needs with the needs of his partner. He remains attuned to the needs of his family and is supportive of these needs. He may even ask you direct questions about how you are feeling.

12. He has self-control: The Pronk, Karremans, and Wigboldus studies of 2011 showed that husbands who are able to control their impulses make the best partners. Distracted behaviors lead to inability to communicate clearly, impatience may signal anger issues, and a lack of self-control may even lead to infidelity. A little spontaneity may be exciting, but men who exhibit constant self-control issues do not always make the best husbands.

13. He is a good listener: This may sound obvious, but a great husband is also a great listener. This means that he is not only hearing what you are saying, but he is processing the conversation to learn more about your needs and the needs of the relationship.

Does your husband embody all or most of these traits? Consider yourself lucky- you’ve found a keeper!

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