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6 Natural Ways To Eliminate Your Headache Depending On The Headache Type

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Headaches are the most common medical ailment in America; over 45 million people complain of having one headache type each year, and more than eight million Americans visit their doctor for help.

The type of treatment used to treat headaches depends on the type of a headache an individual is assailed with. The six major types of headaches are:

– TMJ (pain in front of the ears, at the temples)
– Sinus (pain above the eyes, at the cheekbones)
– Cluster (pain surrounding one eye)
– Tension (a squeezing-like pain around the crown)
– Neck (pain at the top of the neck and in the back of the head)
– (Throbbing pain accompanied by vision issues and nausea)


Thankfully, there are natural ways to treat these painful maladies; some are simple, and some are a bit more involved.

TMJ Headache
Jaw issues are the cause of TMJ headaches. Prevent tension in the jaw by applying a warm compress to the temple right at the top of the jawline. Lower jaw exercises performed after the compress such as opening and closing the jaw and then moving it from side to side prevents tension from turning into a headache. Perform this routine three to give times a day continuously for giving minutes. Overall stress-reduction techniques such as meditation, yoga and breathing exercises can also reduce tension and prevent these nasty headaches.

Sinus Headache
Sinus headaches are caused by swelling in the sinuses and nose. The first step in treating sinus headaches is too thin mucus out with humidity in the form of using a humidifier, taking steamy showers and drinking hot tea. The next step is to irrigate the sinuses with a solution composed of 8-ounce water, 1/2 teaspoon of non-iodized salt and a dash of baking soda. Place this mixture in a bulb syringe irrigation kit, sinus rinse bottle or net pot to effectively clean out trapped mucus, bacteria and airborne dust. During this time alternate between hot and cold compresses on the eyes and nose to provide quick relief from the pain.

Cluster Headache
Kudzu, a plant originating from Asia can provide relief from these painful attacks. Melatonin also treats nighttime headache attacks. Acupressure, acupuncture and therapeutic touch may also have some success in relieving pain. The Mayo Clinic advises you to avoid alcohol, and it is important to try to maintain a normal sleep schedule to prevent a cluster period from appearing.

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Tension Headache
Applying peppermint oil to the hairline allows cooling properties to relax the tense muscles in the head and neck, and sipping on a hot ginger tea oftentimes works as quickly as an aspirin. Tension headaches are typically caused by stress and the lack of sleep, so try natural relaxation methods such as regular exercise, meditation and yoga to get more sleep and handle everyday stressors with less pressure.

Neck Headache
Neck headaches are typically caused by issues of the upper back, shoulders and neck spreading to the head. A stiff neck or a neck that is not properly supported are the main causes of a neck headache. Support the neck with improved posture, and utilize yoga to align the neck muscles. Take a hot bath to relax the muscles and then have someone massage the neck and shoulders in small circular motions. Strengthen the neck muscles by partaking in swimming, and place crushed ice on the neck to decrease inflammation.

Migraine Headache
It is widely believed by experts that the brain misinterpreting nerve signals is the cause of migraines. According to Doctor Oz, acupressure can effectively treat migraine headaches by applying pressure to areas that can relieve pain. You can also do your own acupuncture by firmly pressing between the first and second toe for 3 to 5 minutes. Feverfew, a supplement extracted from sunflower, can also effectively treat migraines by reducing inflammation and pressure of the nerves.

You can take the matter of headaches in your own hands with these simple, yet effective natural remedies that may already be in your home. As with all ailments, consult a doctor before using any herbal treatments or methods that can possibly interfere with prior conditions.

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6 Natural Ways To Eliminate Your Headache Depending On The Headache Type

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