5 Married Couples Share Unexpected Details About Their First Closeness

Couple #1: Amber and Chris

Amber and Chris admit that they had 3ex on the day they met with no regrets. In a relationship of two years going strong, Amber explains that the couple met at a mutual friend’s birthday party and they went home together after. Amber suggested it may be a lame excuse to some people, but that it was a real attraction and a desire not to wait and she doesn’t regret that decision. While the frenzied decision to have 3ex upon meeting may seem crazy, it seems to have worked well for this couple. Amber says they may have less 3ex than they did the first year of the relationship, but the quality and quantity is still excellent. Meanwhile, Chris pointed out that arbitrary numbers like three dates, three weeks, or six months don’t work for every relationship or every couple and people should have 3ex when the time is right for that relationship.

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