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This One Natural Ingredient Can Easily Enhance Your Breast Size and Help You Melt Fat Faster

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This One Natural Ingredient Can Easily Enhance Your Breast Size and Help You Melt Fat Faster

This One Natural Ingredient Can Easily Enhance Your Breast Size and Help You Melt Fat Faster

Being a woman is tough. Men will never understand the debilitating cramps and mood swings that accompany PMS. The hot flashes that are trademark for menopause will be foreign to men as well. Women also have to go through pregnancy and the breastfeeding after. And today’s pop culture induced society doesn’t make it any easier. How many kids can Kourtney Kardashian possibly have and still look that amazing?

At some point in every woman’s life, we wish for that magic pill that will solve all of life’s problems. What would this magic pill do? Well first off, it would ease monthly cramps and do away with menopausal hot flashes. It would then help with one of the biggest issues associated with breast feeding, not having enough of a milk supply. And let’s just shoot for the stars, this magic pill would make women skinny and promote breast enlargement. We all know that there is no magic pill that can do all of that and still be completely natural. But there is a plant that’s seeds can. That plant is called Fenugreek.

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Fenugreek has been widely used for centuries for its health benefits, specifically in women. Fenugreek has been linked to easing the severity of menstrual cramps and hot flashes in women going through menopause. Fenugreek has estrogen like properties. PMS and menopause are times in women’s lives when they are lacking the estrogen hormone. By taking fenugreek, it cancels that out. Taking 500mg of fenugreek three times a day has been known to increase a breast feeding women’s milk supply by 500% with in 24 to 72 hours. This is caused by fenugreek stimulating the mammary glands in the breasts.

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Fenugreek’s mammary gland stimulating quality does something for non breast feeding women too. It can increase a woman’s breast size. It is said that taking 3g of fenugreek a day can increase the fullness and cup size of the breasts by 1-2 cup sizes.

Fenugreek is also used for weight loss. One study shows women who took 500mg of fenugreek extract a day for 8 weeks noticed a significant drop in body fat. This occurs because fenugreek is rich in soluble fiber, which gives the feeling of being full. Adding fenugreek to a daily diet is not difficult. Most health food stores carry fenugreek capsules and extracts. Fenugreek seeds are easy to find also. Theses seeds are used in curry dishes and can be added to salads. Many people use it in teas.

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Fenugreek is completely natural. With its qualities to diminish the effects of PMS and menopause while increasing breast size and lowering weight, it’s no wonder fenugreek has been used for centuries.

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