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4 Telltale Signs That You’re His Sidepiece

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4 Telltale Signs That You're His Sidepiece

4 Telltale Signs That You’re His Sidepiece

Have you found out that your knight is shining amour is really a loser wrapped in aluminum foil? Your new man’s mysterious behavior and spur-of-the-moment plans seemed charming when you first met, but for some reason, they are now sending you another message. Unfortunately, a lot of men like having a side chick, and for some, it is the norm. For a lot of men, they simply want to have a backup woman should bachelorette number one flake out.

Ask any woman who has used mobile dating apps and they will tell you that probably over half of the men n they meet are married or unavailable. As unpleasant as it is, ladies, we have all been there. We live in a world today where having a chick on the side is the norm. So before dive into the deep end of the pool, take a look at some tell-tale clues that you could be the other woman,

1. He “Can’t Commit Right Now”

If the man of your dreams showers you with love and affection, but cannot do the deed, it might be time to take a better look at this sly fox. When a man tells you early in a relationship that he is not the type to commit, do not fool yourself into thinking it is because he had a horrible past experience and is mortally wounded. He won’t commit because he is already committed to another, but just like a kid in an ice cream shop, he wants to taste ALL the flavors.

2. He’s Single and Texts You to “Hang Out” – But Only on Weekends and Only after 9 PM

There could be several plausible reasons for this specific situation. Could he have needed to wait until his parents fell asleep so he could sneak out of the house, or maybe he finally was given weekends free from prison (insert horrified face here). If neither of these sounds like your sweet prince, then the real reason probably is that he was waiting to see what his “real” significant other was doing. Late night calls are nothing more than booty calls, even if they include dinner and a movie. Do not try to convince yourself otherwise as a truly single man will make himself available to you at all times because he wants to be with you.

3. He’s a Longtime Bud with a GF who Vanished and Has Resurfaced with a Drink Invite Post-Breakup

The mysterious childhood friend shows up out of the blue, single and ready to mingle. In secret code, his real woman has made plans, and he cannot lie his way out of them to see you. That, or he is on the rebound looking for a hookup. Somehow, men are able to convince themselves that women are naive and will fall for this load of…

4. He’s in a Relationship but Still Sends You Flirty Texts and Naughty Pics on Snapchat

First of all, anyone over the age of 21 who is sending dirty pictures on Snapchat needs their phones confiscated immediately. Men who send like to send suggestive pictures do it for the thrill. They are probably frustrated with their current partner and use you as photogenic distraction. When the extent of your conversations is him asking you for pics and telling you how hot you are when he gets them, things start to have a vague resemblance to amateur adult content.

There are many clues that you could unknowingly be playing the part of a mistress. Although some women might like being the forbidden fruit, most probably don’t. Ladies, follow your intuition let that snake slither away.


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