How to Get Rid Of Back Pain Fast By Applying Pressure To These Areas

How to Get Rid Of Back Pain Fast By Applying Pressure To These Areas

Reflexology is an alternative medicine that is based on the theory that there are small areas of innervation in the feet that correspond to the organs and muscles in the body. The foot is a map of nerve endings, according to the theories of reflexology, which come from all over the body. For example, the lungs have nerve endings in the ball of the foot. Massaging the ball of the foot can help the lungs to function better.

Likewise, massaging and applying pressure to the different parts of the foot can bring relief to the ailments felt in the corresponding area of the body, relieve tension, improve circulation and reduce stress. Reflexologists use foot maps to determine what part of the foot corresponds to the body part that is ailing.

Nerves from the back end on the inside of the foot. This area runs from the middle of the big toe, along the arch and ends approximately an inch below the ankle. When feeling this area, many people notice that the curve is similar to that of the spine.

To get back pain relief, one can visit a reflexologist or apply treatment to their own foot.To relieve back pain, slowly massage the area along the inside of the foot, as previously mentioned.

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