Mix These Two Ingredients And Enjoy The Incredible Power of the Combination

Mix These Two Ingredients And Enjoy The Incredible Power of the Combination

Mix These Two Ingredients And Enjoy The Incredible Power of the Combination

Lemons are fantastic at detoxifying the body, improving immunities, regulating digestion and stimulating weight loss while cinnamon increases metabolic rates, helps kill bacteria and has anti-inflammation properties.. Separate the two natural products are great, but together they’re magical and medicinal.

One of the many different ways lemons and cinnamon positively affect the body is they help heal acne. Acne is caused by excess clogging and inflammation of the pores. According to Healthy Food Advice, adding a few drops of lemon juice to a teaspoon of cinnamon powder creates a paste that is known to be very effective at drying up and eliminating acne.When used in conjunction with lemon, cinnamon has significant anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking a mixture of two teaspoons of cinnamon powder, one teaspoon of honey and a couple drops of lemon juice in a cup of water every morning before breakfast should help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and other degenerative joint conditions.

Cinnamon is known for increasing metabolic rates, which in turn helps the body lose weight. Conversely, lemon juice is famous for its fat-burning properties. Healthy Food Advice recommends adding some lemon juice and cinnamon powder to a daily cup of green tea to help achieve weight loss goals.

During cold season, coughs have no chance against the powerful combination of lemons and cinnamon. Common Sense stated that mixing half a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey together is a powerful anti-bacterial coating for your throat to suppress coughing. Lemons are better at breaking up and clearing phlegm. One-fourths cup of water mixed with two tablespoons of lemon juice is the perfect for gargling water to cleanse the throat.

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