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8 Effective Hip Stretches Your Body Will Thank You For

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8 Effective Hip Stretches Your Body Will Thank You For

8 Effective Hip Stretches Your Body Will Thank You For

The hips as well as the muscles that surround them help our bodies to move correctly. They influence how we walk, kneel and squat. When we sit for long periods of time, the hips and associated muscles are not as flexible or mobile as we’d like. It could result in tight hips that can start to become extremely unhealthy and painful.

Sitting Stretches

Stretch #1
In this stretch, sit on the floor with a straight back. With your knees bent, press the soles of your feet together. You want to press your knees into the floor if possible. It will help flex the hips. With your arms outstretched, reach forward over the feet. Don’t bounce while performing this stretch. Hold the position as long as possible. Each day the stretch should get deeper.

Stretch 1

Stretch #2
With an upright, straight back, have one leg extended in front of you. Bend the other leg and press the sole of the foot into the straight leg. In the bent leg, try to press the knee into the floor as you stretch your arms forward over the legs. If at any time this is painful, don’t extend the stretch as far. Work towards increasing the stretch each day but not to the point of pain. Repeat on the other leg.

Stretch #3
Keep your back straight and extend one leg flat on the floor. Bend the knee of the other leg and hug it as close to your chest as you can. You want to feel some stretching in the muscles. Repeat on opposite leg.

Lying Down Stretches

Stretch #4
With your back flat on the ground, bend one knee and rest with your foot flat on the ground. Bend the other leg and rest the ankle on the opposite knee. Don’t bounce the leg but press the knee down to rotate the hip slightly. Switch sides after a minute or two.

Stretch #5
This stretch is almost the same as number four. Instead of resting the ankle on the opposite knee, you’ll want to cross one leg over the other. You want to feel a stretch in the crossed leg. Don’t forget to switch legs.

Standing Kicks

Stretch #6
These should be performed after the sitting stretches after your hips are warmed. With your arms straight out, kick your left leg towards the left hand. It’s a bit awkward but you’ll want to open the hips with this. Alternate to the right leg, kick it towards the right hand. Walk as you switch legs.

Stretch #6

Stretch #7
Stand facing the wall with your hand on it for support. Swing your right leg in an arc towards the left side of the body. Quickly, swing it back and out to the right side. Make sure the arc is wide and extends the hips.

Stretch #8
Lastly, keep your arms over your head and squat down as far as possible. Keep the back straight and don’t try to do too much the first time. Each time you perform this, get deeper into the squat. It’ll help build the muscles around the hips.

The joints need movement every single day to keep them healthy and fluidly performing to keep us mobile. These stretches will work the joint as well as the muscles to create flexibility and fluid motion. They must be practiced every day to build up a tolerance for the stretch and open up the joints and muscles in the hips.

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