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Powerful Tips For Bidding Goodbye to Insomnia

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Powerful Tips For Bidding Goodbye to Insomnia

The inability to fall asleep or stay asleep in spite of being tired is medically termed insomnia. This sleeping disorder causes immense physical and emotional stress to a person.

It is characterized by these symptoms:

  • Struggling to get peaceful sleep in spite of being very tired
  • Waking up after sleeping for a short time and not being able to go back to sleep
  • Waking frequently at night
  • Depending heavily on sleeping pills and alcohol to fall asleep
  • Trouble with concentration
  • Feeling drowsy, fatigued, and becoming easily irritated
  • Waking up too early

One of the root causes of insomnia is stress, people who have stressful jobs can suffer from insomnia. It’s hard for an overworked and stressed person to achieve peaceful sleep. Excessive stress causes hyperarousal, which in turn hampers the balance between sleep and sleeplessness. A few physiological conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder can cause insomnia, which can be mild or chronic.

If you are wondering how to cure insomnia start paying attention to your periods of relaxation, keep your bedtime and waking up time on par with the amount of sleep you are getting at present. Also before going to bed spend some time unwinding by reading a favorite book or listening to light music, this creates a ‘buffer zone’ for an insomniac, when the mind starts to become calm and relaxed.

If you are taking antidepressants, painkillers that contain caffeine, or medications for thyroid or high blood pressure medications you might develop insomnia.

Powerful Tips in Biding Goodbye to Insomnia

Here are a few helpful tips for conquering insomnia:

Decorate your bedroom

. Select a soothing tranquil paint color for your bedroom, cool blues and greens are perfect. Your bed linens and comforter should have subdued hue to create a relaxing and comforting atmosphere in your bedroom.

Get the right kind of bed for you

. Always choose the right kind of mattress for comfort and firmness. Buy new pillows and feel the difference.

Make your room absolutely dark to get some sleep. Use full, heavier curtains (blackout style if you need them) and blinds to prevent street lights from entering your bedroom. If pitch darkness creates a problem get a zero watt night lamp.

Keep alarm clocks away

. At times even its ticking may irritate your sleep, as can the LED glow from a digital clock.

Try to avoid watching TV and using a computer in your bedroom

. It should be solely a place to relax and be intimate.

Keep your bedroom clean and airy

. Open the windows at regular intervals to allow fresh air into your room.

If you want to look for alternative treatments for insomnia, some of the most popular and effective alternative treatments that help eradicate sleeplessness are acupuncture, hypnosis, aromatherapy, yoga, guided imagery, biofeedback, and massage, for starters. With optimal health solutions by your side, you don’t have to worry about how to cure insomnia. Their health experts provide you with state-of-the-art aromatherapy and hypnotherapy sessions.

Under the guidance of a qualified practitioner, aromatherapy helps an individual to get a relaxing sleep with gradual improvement in the quality of sleep, it also reduces stress and anxiety.

If you want to cure insomnia through diet these instructions will help you do so:

Eat your last meal 3 hours before you go to bed.

Indigestion often causes insomnia. Try to slow down on beverages before going to bed, frequent bathroom trips also hamper your sleep.

You can have a glass of warm milk 20 to 30 minutes before you go to bed.

The amino acid in dairy products induces sleep.

Avoid drinking alcohol and coffee before bedtime.

Include magnesium in your diet,

it promotes relaxation and soothes your nerves helping you to sleep. Add dark leafy vegetables, fish, dry fruit, nuts, and dark chocolate to your diet.

Don’t drain yourself finding a cure for insomnia.

Some basic exercises and yoga sessions can help it greatly. Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful yoga posture, can help you stop suffering from sleeplessness. This exceptional breathing technique eradicates stress and unwinds the nervous system.

These simple yet powerful remedies show you various ways of curing insomnia. One should never accept a life devoid of quality sleep. Remember you deserve a fulfilling quality life!

Author Bio:Lucy Liu, graduated from McGill University, one of the top universities in North America, as a Registered Dietitian (RD), has been working both in hospital settings and private practice since 2008 in Canada. Her specialties include Weight management, Chronic disease management, Eating disorder, Pediatrics, Stress management, Mental health, Life coaching, Alternative medicine, Herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, and Energy medicine.

Lucy is a member of:
Dietitians of Canada
College of Dietitians of British Columbia
American Alliance of Hypnotist
American Union of NLP
America’s Premier Experts
Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge
Global Science of Foundation

Edited 9/29/14

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