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7 Things Everyone Should Do At Least Once

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7 Things Everyone Should Do At Least Once

7 Things Everyone Should Do At Least Once

I’m going to go a little Matrix deep on you here. There is no list. Nothing here is automatic, everything depends on the courage you possess, choices you make, and the chances you don’t take. You can tell yourself that skydiving is the penultimate in order to psych yourself up for it, but the trick is to experience those big moments in life with that level of exhilaration. Sheer happiness can be elusive, but it doesn’t need to be.

1 – Immerse yourself in a different culture– Go reside in another country for as long as your life plan (and savings!) will allow. Most countries do 60 or 90 day visas and many cities have short-term rentals that can be way lower than hotel prices. Learn the language and the local hangouts. There’s a huge difference between expat and tourist, find out what that means.

2 – Drive coast to coast with someone you like– The coasts are completely up to you, maybe you’ll just drive along the coastline. The point is to get out there and have a good time with someone whose company you enjoy.

3 – Buy a house– Sure, the economic environment doesn’t seem promising and has diminished the dream a little, but the possibility is still there. Renting may offer flexibility and variety, but there’s nothing like owning your own place.

7 Things Everyone Should Do At Least Once

4 – Live and experience your dream. Or, at least, a micro version of it- Always dreamed of going to Paris? Maybe you wanted to be on the London stage or be a country music star. You’ll never know what it’s really like until you try. Not feasible due to funds? Do a micro version. Learn French, join the community theatre, sing at karaoke nights until you’re blue in the face. Have fun!

5 – Go to Las Vegas… Or Nepal… Or anywhere else you have always been curious about– Take a dart board and put three or four locations on it, then throw a dart at it – wherever it lands, there you’ll go. Be the consummate tourist. Go to all the tourist traps, take tours, make friends with other tourists, learn to stay away from the monkeys or they’ll take your wallet and food.

6 – Try skydiving or bungee jumping or a really long zip line– Make sure you’re with a reputable company and an experienced diver, first. Then, take the plunge – literally! It’s exhilarating and a total adrenaline rush, there’s nothing else like it.

7 – Get your heart broken– Don’t be afraid to get out there, make friends, get involved, take chances, make mistakes, and get messy! Putting your heart on the line can be the most insane and potentially self-destroying thing you can do. But at the end of the day, even if it all falls apart and you’re left picking up the pieces of hopes and dreams you’d had for yourself and your partner, you’re better for it. You’ll be able to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and begin again. Because you’re strong, stronger than you’d ever believe, and heartbreak is a part of life.

Don’t be afraid of it, don’t be afraid of any of the emotional triumphs and struggles you may face, because you’re worth it. Find someone who is worthy of you.

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