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Replace 11 Household Products With Castile Soap

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Replace 11 Household Products With Castile Soap

Household Uses for Castile Soap

Edited By Stephanie Dawson

Castile soap is based on vegetable oil, it’s an environmentally friendly organic soap that originated in the Castile area of Spain. It’s chemical-free and is good for sensitive skin. There are plenty of brands in the market, but I personally use Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap and you can buy it on Amazon. Here is a list of some interesting uses for castile soap:

1. Shampoo
Castile soap can be used as a replacement for your regular detergent-based shampoo. Mix it with water at 1:3 ratio and wash for healthy beautiful hair.

2. Dish soap
This soap can also be used to wash utensils and dishes, place a few drops in your sink and use it for washing up. It leaves a pleasant peppermint smell and does not leave any film. We often use this soap instead of commercial dish soaps in our home.

3. Laundry detergent
Castile soap be used to replace your laundry detergent. Take 1/8 cup of castile detergent and add a dash of baking soda, washing clothes with this solution makes clothes cleaner and smell good.

4. Toilet cleaner
Castile soap can be used as a toilet cleaner. Place some in a bucket and add some baking soda. Dip your sponge into it and use to clean.

5. Dog shampoo
Whatever is good for our skin and hair is good for your pet. Castile soap can be used to wash your dog’s coat. Use it with water in 2:1 ratio to prepare a natural dog shampoo.


6. Toothpaste
Castile soap can be used to replace your regular chemical-laden toothpaste. The pure Castile oil is much better for teeth than ordinary toothpastes. Add a few drops of this soap directly to your wet brush, you might find it difficult to adapt to the taste.

7. Carpet cleaner
A combination of castile soap and water can be used to clean carpets. Mix ¼ cup castile soap and 1 cup water, apply the solution to the carpet to clean it and make it germ-free.

8. Glass cleaner
Mixing two teaspoons castile soap with a gallon of water can make an effective glass cleaner. Make sure the water is very hot. Use it to clean glass windows and mirrors.

9. Body wash
Castile soap is very good for sensitive skin so it can be used as body wash. Mix with water in a ratio of 2:1 and use it as body wash.

10. Hand soap
Castile soap is a great hand soap. Regular hand soaps can contain chemicals that are not good for our skin. Castile soap is very gentle and makes your hands smell good.
11. All purpose cleaner
Castile soap can be used as an all-purpose cleaner to clean almost anything and everything. It has no chemicals and is a good cleansing agent.

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