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Fire Up Your Chakras, Throw Away Your Sleeping Pills!

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Fire Up Your Chakras, Throw Away Your Sleeping Pills!

Fire Up Your Chakras, Throw Away Your Sleeping Pills!
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

When we are desperate for sleep we often look to medical solutions, like sleeping pills. Sleeping pills can have many side effects including changes in appetite, constipation, dizziness, headache, and heartburn. Following are some ways that help you to power up the chakras which helps you get sound and restful sleep:

Power up the first chakra

Many of us believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness because we want to be independent. In that process we don’t allow ourselves to be supported by energy as most of our energy is in our head. We may feel scattered, anxious, and fearful when we are not connected to Earth energy and this can directly hinder our sleeping patterns.

Your energy is balanced through this exercise by connecting your first chakra to the energy of the earth with a grounding cord, an energetic cord that creates a partnership with the earth and promotes self-awareness and authenticity. Your energy is replenished with Earth energy, unwanted energy is released by the grounding cord which results in a more sound and restful sleep.

Fire Up Your Chakras, Throw Away Your Sleeping Pills!

4 Steps to power up your first chakra:

• Be aware of your first chakra, the space between ovaries for women and the base of the spine for men

• Imagine that sitting in that place is a green ball of energy as wide as your hips,drop that ball to the center of the earth and imagine that a green grounding cord is formed as you do that, this cord connects your first chakra to the center of the earth.

• Imagine the cord to be half green/half brown. Visualizing green threads of light extending from the grounding cord to your sciatic nerve, across your back and down your legs helps to calm you and your nervous system.

• You can drop the grounding cord throughout the day as often as you need.

Your Crown chakra should be set to 25%


Energy connects all of us. It becomes an energetic free-for-all for anyone who wants to dump his energetic trash of fear and anxiety in your space if your crown chakra, top of the head, is left wide open for everyone. This can be a hindrance for your night’s sleep.
The solution is to set your crown chakra at 25% before sleep and 50% throughout the day. This can be done by thinking of your chakra as a flower which is fully in bloom, or completely open at 100%, or completely closed. Take charge of your crown chakra by asking it to close to 25% or use imagery.

Clear your internal clutter

In a civilized world we often hang on to destructive emotions like anxiety, fear, and anger. We instead stuff these emotions in our chakras, this build-up of emotional energy hinders our sleep. To combat this sit quietly, meditate, and get in touch with your emotional energy. You can let these emotions out by a good cry or yelling which calms you down enough to sleep.

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