5 Things Your Body May Be Trying to Tell You

3. Frequent dehydration

The primary job of kidneys is to supply nutrients from water to various tissues of our body, if we feel dehydrated frequently it shows our kidneys are losing their efficiency and require medication. If kidneys do not perform their job properly it disturbs the entire body balance, and inadequate hydration leads to various skin disorders. An easy way to avoid this problem is to keep sipping fluid at regular intervals and stay hydrated. If you cannot handle much water try adding some herbal tea.

4. Light-headedness after standing up

If you experience dizziness when standing or lying down it shows that your brain is not getting the proper blood supply. This indicates there is something wrong with your blood circulation, also if your leg or hand tingle after being in a particular position for sometime. Low blood pressure can also cause this. Drinking ample water and exercising daily can avoid this problem, consuming foods that improve blood circulation can prevent it.

5. Tags on eyelids
When you look in the mirror and find small tags on your eyelids it shows you may have cholesterol problems. These small tags are signs that tell us there is danger to our heart coming and the arteries are getting clogged. Unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, or too much fat consumption can cause these tags. They can be avoided by adopting a heart-friendly diet which includes lots of vegetables and fiber. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle is essential.