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Anger Management, Tips to Tame Your Temper

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Anger Management, Tips to Tame Your Temper

Anger Management, Tips to Tame Your Temper

Controlling anger is important, control it before it controls you. Anger can spoil your relationships and adversely affect your health.

Here are some effective techniques for anger management:

Take a Break

Stop what you’re doing and take some time out. Keep yourself away from the situation responsible for your anger. Keeping away will make it easier for you to calm down. If you are at home, go to the bathroom or for a walk. If you are angry at work, talk to a trusted colleague, take a short break, even take a short walk.

Breathe deeply

Taking deep breaths is effective as an anger controlling technique. Count to 3 while you inhale deeply, hold it for about 3 seconds, and again count to three while you exhale. Concentrate on counting while doing this and it will take your mind away from the cause of anger.[How to Breath Deeply]

Ask for support

When you are angry pick up your phone and dial the number of your best friend or someone you trust. Its even better if you can meet that person. Express your thoughts clearly and share whatever is bothering you or making you angry. Sharing takes away the amount of grief and reduces the anger.

Anger Management, 10 Tips to Tame Your Temper

Get some exercise

Whenever you feel angry you can use that frustrated energy for a workout. The frustration will help you exert yourself and is an assertive and non-confrontational way of expressing anger. It will keep your body fit and reduce your anger at the same time.

Try to see humor in the situation

When you are angry try to see the lighter side of the incident and find something funny in it. This will calm you down and help you not to get angry at the same incident next time.

Be creative

Let your imagination go to work when you are angry. If you are angry with your boss imagine him jumping from one tree to another in a jungle like a monkey. This will bring your anger down and might also put a smile on your face. Also try to think of what your favorite comedian would have done in the situation.

Practice positive self-talk

When you’re angry discuss the situation with your inner self. For example if you are not happy with someone on the road who is in hurry, try to make yourself believe that the person might be in hurry because of some unavoidable situation. Thank God that you are not in that situation. This will help you get relaxed and boost positivity in you.

Go to a happy place

If you are still finding it difficult to calm down yourself, go to a place that you find relaxing. It can be a nearby garden where you enjoy watching kids play or a nearby coffee shop where looking at strangers is something you find interesting. This will divert your attention from the incident that is making you angry and will calm you down.

Recognize anger signs

Try to identify the signs that appear when you’re angry. It may be a faster heartbeat, breathing, or sweating. If any of these signs appear try to get out of that situation and busy yourself with something else.

anger management tips

Anger Management, Tips to Tame Your Temper

By PositiveMed-team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson
[Last Updated on June 1st 2014]
Reviewed by Nima Shei, MD

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