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Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative arthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is a group of mechanical abnormalities involving degradation of joints, progressively limits movement, audible creaking in affected joints, swelling and redness, rheumatoid arthritis, morning stiffness, weakness and inflammation of the ligaments, tendons, and muscles, eventually there may be deformity of joints (typically the fingers/hands) causing pain and debility, eye inflammation, bursitis, general feelings of being unwell include lethargy, appetite and weight loss, muscle pain.


  • Heat with chili peppers- Capsaicin, the hot chemical in chili peppers can relieve the pain of arthritis.
  • Power up- people with this disease profit enormously from the regular exercise programs, walking is the best exercise. Joint stiffness and pain decline and power increases after you get in the habit of walking at least two miles a day. If you are unable to walk 2 miles, as many are, talk to your physician, maybe you can do your walking in the water, which is great for people with chronic pain and joint issues.
  • Travel light- overweight people are more likely to develop osteoarthritis as they get older. To reduce the strain on your joints, lose weight.
  • Get longer- stretch for 18 to 20 minutes per day.
  • Eating or drinking nettles is an old remedy for arthritis. The strings are stinging nettles contain histamine which is anti-inflammatory.
  • Turmeric reportedly has the ability to reduce inflammation. It is presumed that because of the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, it may help relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis,rheumatoid arthritis, and other inflammatory conditions such as bursitis.
  • Apple cider or ginger root bath, vinegar and honey, are also old remedies that can help reduce symptoms and encourage healing.
  • Add curry powder or turmeric to your food. The curcumin compound in curry powder and turmeric has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory effects: It lowers the production of some inflammatory agents, such as prostaglandin E2.

joint pain

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