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Who Says I Can’t- Kelly Bruno

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Who Says I Can’t- Kelly Bruno

Kelly Bruno is a 28 years old, world-record holding amputee track runner and athlete. She is an accomplished triathlete who happened to be born with only one leg. She was also a contestant on the 21st season of the television show Survivor.

In the following two videos you’d learn more about her personal life and her outstanding journey. These videos are so motivational that make me wonder “who says I can’t”

About the “Who Says I Can’t” series from the YouTube channel:

“Who Says I Can’t” is a television show hosted by cancer survivor, entrepreneur and extreme disabled athlete Jothy Rosenberg, that tells the story of brave and determined people as they overcome disabilities and become athletes.

The program will feature the “up close and personal” style of Olympic features combined with the heart-warming community elements of “Extreme Makeover” and mix them with the excitement of “The Amazing Race.”

In each episode Jothy will introduce a different character on location and tell their story using interviews with them, family members and friends. Then, Jothy, with his own disabilities of only one leg and one lung, will participate with them in their chosen sport. Jothy will say “Who Says I Can’t” and give it his best shot.

If you liked these videos, you’ll also enjoy Hugh herr’s story. To watch a video about how hard working and persistent a person can be, click here.

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