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15 Clever Winter Hacks Everyone Should Know

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15 Clever Winter Hacks Everyone Should Know

15 Clever Winter Hacks Everyone Should Know

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Winter is coming, and it’s in full force! But worry no more, you don’t have to suffer!!! Try these amazing life hacks and you’ll sail through to the end of winter with ease:


1. DIY bubble wrap to insulate windows

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2. Put a layer of tinfoil against the wall, the foil will reflect the heat of the wall-mounted heater or radiator back into the room

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3. Hand sanitizer is your weapon against an icy door

winter 4


4. Use zip ties for DIY snow tires

winter 5


5. Use pool noodles and shove them in your boots, or wine bottles to make them stand up straight

winter 6


winter 7


6. Heat the key with a lighter to thaw a frozen lock

winter 9


7. Cut out wool insoles for extra warmth

winter 10


8. The toilet seat warmer

winter 11


9. Cover your wipers with old socks to keep them from freezing

winter 12


10. Dry boots without the puddles

winter 13


11. The natural outdoor fridge

winter 14


12. Stitch the perfect pair of mittens from a sweater

winter 15


13. With 2/3 Vinegar and 1/3 Water, just spray on windows and ice will melt away

winter 16


14. Slip a ziplock bag over your side mirrors to prevent them from freezing

winter 17


15.  Use a car mat to get traction when your car is stuck in the snow

wnter 8





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