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What Are Sleep Wrinkles?

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What Are Sleep Wrinkles?

What Are Sleep Wrinkles? Sleeping Positions That Increase Wrinkles

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Do you find wrinkles on just one side of your face? This can be caused by your sleeping position and if you sleep on your right or left side. A patient asked. Dr. Debra Jaliman, New York dermatologist and author of ‘Skin Rules,’ about fine lines on the right side of her face, Dr. Jaliman asked if she slept on her right side. She explains,

“The way you sleep does affect wrinkles — that’s why some lines are called sleep lines. If you scrunch your face against a pillow you can get them.”

what are sleep wrinkles

There are two types of wrinkles, expression wrinkles and sleep wrinkles. Expression wrinkles are caused by muscle contractions with expressions and sleep wrinkles are the distortion of the face during sleep.

expression wrinkles

Sleep wrinkles develop from shear and compression of delicate facial skin from contact with your pillow when you sleep and are not a result of muscle movement. They’re caused when your skin is stretched, pulled, or pushed by the pillow while you sleep and can become deeper over time from sleeping in the same position.

sleep wrinkles

It has been observed that your sleeping position is the primary cause of static wrinkles, those who sleep on their sides are often seen with wrinkles on their chin and cheeks while those who sleep on their face are more likely to develop sleep wrinkles on their forehead. This is associated with repetitive position and gravity.

Your neck can be affected by sleeping wrinkles, particularly when you sleep on your side. Your neck skin loosens as you age, and your wrinkles will be more visible on the side of your neck on which you sleep.

sleep wrinkles expression wrinkles

The best sleep position for preventing sleep wrinkles is on your back. Most people find it difficult to sleep like this it is the best position. If you are having difficulties maintaining this position you can place a U-shaped pillow around your neck and prop other pillows around you so that you don’t turn while sleeping.

If that fails and it is impossible for you to sleep on your back, don’t worry, there are a few tricks to help you:

Choose satin pillowcases instead of cotton, your face slides across satin much more easily which can help prevent sleeping lines. There are beauty sleep pillows available made from special foam that have a unique shape that helps alleviate pressure on the face. Sleeping on satin will also help your night creams to be fully absorbed by your skin instead of rubbing off which can help your moisturizer work longer and better. Special pillows will also help prevent the dreaded bedhead, as your hair will also slide over the pillowcase.

Other things that can help prevent wrinkles include a healthy lifestyle, less stress, and a healthy diet. The practice of meditation will help keep your skin healthy and glowing.

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[Last Updated on May 18th 2014]

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